Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ActiveE is back!

We're once again rolling in the ActiveE. The drivetrain malfunction mentioned in previous post was likely caused by the relearning process after the reprogram which was done at the recent service.

I put 200 miles on the 2012 328i convertible loaner. While a nice car, I just don't like driving traditional gas powered cars anymore. The brief lag when you punch it off the line and the brief lag as it climbs through the gears is non-existent in the ActiveE. You really get spoiled driving the ActiveE with the torque and constant pull to 90mph. The quick, smooth driving experience is wonderful. It becomes so normal that you really need to switch to a gas powered car now and then to remind you just how awesome the electric driving experience is compared to traditional gas powered cars. Once you drive electric you won't want to go back. Saving money on fuel is great too but the driving experience is what really seals the deal.

Friday, September 14, 2012

The mysterious drivetrain error returned

Was greeted today with something I haven't seen in forever...the mysterious drivetrain malfunction symbol which prevents the vehicle from starting. Being a veteran of mysterious symbols since the MINI E days I took it in stride and attempted to start again after a few unlocks and locks of the doors and waiting a few minutes. Only after letting the car sit for about 5 minutes did the symbol clear and I was ready to go. I called the head ActiveE tech, Randy, at Long Beach BMW and asked if I should bring in so he could pull the codes and got the affirmative. Was given a 328i convertible loaner, no complaints there. I'm sure we'll be back on the road in no time.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

As the holiday is upon us, we rolled past the 15,000 mile mark today. Counting the miles from our MINI E, I've now driven 65,000 pure electric miles over the past 3 years. What a great feeling!

When I think back to when we first got the MINI E and those initial worries about range, will this work for our family, etc, I chuckle. Instead the excitement and fun factor are the things that come to mind. It's the pure burst of power off the line, the instant passing power and acceleration you feel when entering the freeway and the quietness after a busy day at work.

Sure, driving electric has all sorts of environmental benefits and cost savings. Do I like only spending $3.00 to drive 100 miles on average, absolutely, but don't forget the fun factor when spreading the word among your gasser friends. I sometimes get caught up in all the numbers instead of reminding folks, the ActiveE is a blast to drive and by the way, you'll save money on your fuel and maintenance costs.

Here's to many more fun filled gas free miles!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!