Monday, January 23, 2012

Rolling on the highway using Cruise Control

Unlike the MINI E, the ActiveE has Cruise Control. Leaving Burbank tonight around 10pm provided a perfect opportunity to check out the range while using Cruise Control. I was very impressed.

Drove 40 miles with 37 of those miles on the freeway and the cruise control set at 72 mph. 3 miles on surface streets to get home. ECO Mode on with rear window defrost, ac/heat to clear windows, iPhone playing Pandora.

When I left Burbank, I had 74 miles in ECO Mode. When I pulled into garage, I had 31 remaining. This was mostly a flat drive home with a slight decline going down the 605. Obviously going up a hill or going up a slight incline would change these results. The more I discover about this car, the more I like.

1 comment:

  1. How do you break out of cruise control without the regen brakes kicking in and jolting you?
    I have had to break it with the handle while i was pushing the "gas" pedal. Still doesn't feel quite right. Any thoughts?