Saturday, January 28, 2012

Loving the ActiveE as the 1000 mile mark approaches

Today I had a great time zipping around Southern California. I met up with fellow MINI E'er Jim Dow in Newport Beach and had a wonderful time visiting with Jim and his family. Jim and his son Jamie test drove the ActiveE and I rode in the back. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of space in the back and the amout of zip with four adults on board.

In my travels today I was able to use two more ChargePoint chargers free of charge. I'm having fun hunting these down and using them. One was at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA and the other was not to far away at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. Check out the videos.

For those folks with an iPhone, I love the ChargePoint app along with the Recargo app. Both show detailed maps of where you can find chargers and work great.

I'll be sharing my thoughts on the first 1000 miles either tomorrow or Monday. Can't believe how fast the miles fly by in the BMW ActiveE.

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  1. Just came across your blog and love the picture of Downtown LA. Free Chargepoint charging in the garage of 7th+Fig.