Monday, February 13, 2012

2000 miles on electricity rather than gasoline!

As we close in on our first full month with the ActiveE, we just crossed the 2000 mile mark earlier today. Driving on electricity is wonderful. The technology and refinement that BMW has put into the ActiveE is top notch. I'm so happy to be testing this vehicle, knowing that when the BMW i3 arrives, most of the bugs and such will be worked out and finally everyone who wants one will be able to lease or purchase a BMW Electric Vehicle.

Something about driving a fast, smooth, exciting vehicle makes me smile. No matter what crazy stuff has happened during the day, I find that when I get behind the wheel of the ActiveE, it all melts away and the fun driving experience takes me away. Peaceful, Quiet, Fun, Fast,'s quite the package. For those awaiting delivery of their own ActiveE, it's worth the wait, I promise.

1 comment:

  1. What is amazing is that the i3 will be even faster and more responsive than the Active E while retaining the BMW sumptuousness.

    BMW has a winner in the electric car world. Great piece Todd, Does Kari ever get to drive the ActiveE?