Sunday, April 1, 2012

91 Express Lanes offer Electric Vehicles a free or discounted ride

A BIG thumbs up to the 91 Express Lanes for offering Electric Vehicles a free or discounted ride. Unlike other Toll Roads in Southern California, they are the only one that I'm aware of to offer this. Click here for more info and to get an application.

Update 4/2/12

After speaking with the 91 Express Lane folks earlier today, I discovered yet another bonus. If you're a FasTrack customer and don't generate more than $25.00 worth of tolls in a particular month, you're charged a $2.00 fee. The folks at the 91 Express Lanes don't charge a monthly fee of any kind for Electric Vehicles. However, you can use the 91 Express Lanes transponder on the 73, 241 and any other toll road in California. (you will still pay the full toll when using a FasTrack toll road as they don't discount for Electric Vehicles but the money for the toll will be subtracted from your 91 Express Lanes balance). Since I'm an infrequent user of the Toll Roads, I've been paying a $2.00 fee to the FasTrack folks for years. Happy to see that go away when I close my FasTrack account and open a 91 Express Lanes account instead.

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