Friday, March 9, 2012

ActiveE software update and 5000 mile service

We were without our ActiveE for a couple of days while a software update and the 5000 mile service was done at Long Beach BMW in Signal Hill, CA. I was thankful they did the service even though we're only at 3600 miles as this saved me another trip to the dealer. We drove a 328i loaner and I put 250 miles on it. I paid $45.00 in gas to drive those 250 miles. In the ActiveE, those miles would have cost around $7.00 in electricity.

When you drive the ActiveE, you quickly become accustomed to the smooth, quick, shiftless ride and kinda take it for granted. Switching to a gas powered BMW every now and then reminds you just how wonderful it is to drive the ActiveE.

One thing that stands out from the software update is the Regen Braking is slightly stronger. It's not as strong as it was on the MINI E but it's stronger and I like it. Driving in a single pedal manner is fun and something I quickly adjusted to with the MINI E. There are many things I love about driving an EV and this is one of my favorites.

Hope the next time I see the dealer will be in 5000 miles but since these are prototypes you have to be flexible.

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