Monday, March 12, 2012

The importance of EV Only signage

As others have mentioned, it's wonderful that more and more businesses are installing Level 2 chargers with most being free to use. What's not so great is that some businesses are not taking that last very important step and putting up some sort of signage to indicate these spaces are for EVs only. I'm always one to look for the good in people and I like to think that most folks won't intentionally park in a clearly marked EV only space.

Today I ran into one of these situations at a set of Blink chargers at a Ralphs in North Hollywood, CA. I found the manager and first of all thanked him for installing the chargers. I then showed him this picture and encouraged him to have some signage installed. He said he'd pass it on up the ladder. I'm always one to express my thanks first and then follow it up with a suggestion. If you come across a similar situation in your travels and have a few minutes to say something, hopefully this kinda thing will become less and less frequent.

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