Friday, March 16, 2012

Two months and 4246 miles later

Can't believe it's been two months already since we took delivery of our ActiveE back on January 16th. What a fun time it's been! My East Coast Comrade and Friend Tom Moloughney, the first person to take delivery of the ActiveE, just wrote a very detailed blog posting about his experiences and thoughts over the 5000+ miles he's driven. Be sure to check out his post as I share many of his same feelings on the strengths and weaknesses of the car.

One of my favorite features of the car is the strong regenerative braking. After the most recent software update, I'm in heaven. It couldn't have come at a better time as this past week I drove 500 miles of mostly stop and go traffic. There's no better way to experience just how wonderful regenerative braking is than when your 40+ mile one way commute takes 1 1/2 hours. While I hate driving in traffic like this, the single pedal driving that the regenerative braking allows, makes it bearable and as relaxing as possible. No more moving my foot back and forth between the gas pedal and brake pedal over and over again. I'd find myself worn out once I arrived home simply from the traffic. It's amazing just how more relaxing the ActiveE makes Los Angeles stop and go traffic. I know it sounds crazy but once you drive a car like this, you'll never ever want to go back to a typical gasoline powered car. Another bonus of the ActiveE, despite what some articles may say, when you're driving in traffic like this you actually use less battery power. Rather than using $2.25 worth of electricity to drive 90 or so miles, on days like today I only pay $2.00 or so. Hey, every quarter counts!

Another feature that goes hand in hand with the regenerative braking is the lack of gears. The smooth acceleration and lack of a transmission creates a very quiet cabin. All the better to listen to Pandora or your favorite music. This creates a very relaxing driving experience.

While I could go on and on, Tom did such a great job in his blog, I'll just hit one more plus for me....the instant torque! Despite being such a heavy car, the quick smooth rush off the line is awesome! I love getting the jump on sports car of all types. Sure they catch you eventually but the look on their face as they try to figure out what just happened is priceless.

For those still waiting to get the car and those just taking delivery, you're in for a fantastic 24 months of driving. Enjoy it, the time will fly by before you know it!

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